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Do I Give Myself Enough Credit?

Well you know this year in March I got back from deployment. I had so many goals to get my youtube channel started up.

Coming back on land, the money that I saved I cleaned it right out with adult responsibilities.

So in January my back got messed up, March got back, July my boyfriend (at the time) proposed to me, August my man's birthday and traveled to the east coast, and September found out I was pregnant PLUS that my man is about to have new orders to overseas.

So this year has been something else. I felt that it went by so fast and I was faced so many challenges, obstacles and blessings. So once again I have been slacking on my goals because: 1. I'm so tired an my body is changing. 2. My hormones are on 1000%, and 3. I've been scared to upload because of COPPA.

I have some subbies and friends who personally hit me up because they noticed I've haven't been putting out any content at all. So now I feel that I have more motivation now because my baby will be watching me and all that I do. Financially I need to buckle down to saving and start investing to grow my business.

As I look back at my work I constantly check my old work to find motivation once again. Mentally this year I have went through and have so many stories to tell through my work. It going to be a challenge with my man being gone, upcoming baby on the way on my own making things happen. But I have to do it and I'm going to do it.

So I'm going to learn to take all the credit for what I did, done and going to do...

So Gimmie my credit and make my credit go up higher for 2020!

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