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WHY YOU CALL ME? Is Something Wrong With--?!?!

With my last relationship, sometimes you blame yourself. On the inside looking in you recognize you not the insane one. Although in the relationship I thought I was going mentally crazy and just giving and giving, my cup was running empty . I would suppress all of the bad boiling up in me into nonexistence because of "selfless" reasons. It's okay to end things to take back you and know where and friendship ends and begins. He made a phone call, not learning anything of our relationship together, to once again to call and ask me for money (2AM ), NOT as his girlfriend now, but now our agreement as friends. I allowed him to "take" from me for so long he was so used to it. So when I said "NO" I was taking back my power. Even though I knew I had it--The power to tell myself "Take for you before you give, felt soooo good.

So the next morning I called him up and told him off in a way that its time for you to get yourself together. Stop looking for other people to fund you. You need to fund yourself. Stop with all this self- pitty. PICK YO-SELF back up and go hard as ever. I told him I don't know who's telling you this right now ,but you need to hear it from somebody. I sent you more money where you could've been straight for yourself , but you carelessly spent it on what? I did all of that cause I care for you, but now thinking it probably was out of pity of your multiple situations. You never told me that flat out truth about THIS SITUATION or THAT! All I ask is the truth!

Long story short he told me off as if I was the " bad guy" ,but I'll take that because my actions and love speaks for itself and they'll never be another like me. So I can't change the past, but I can thrive in my future.

So if he ever looks at this.. Thanks for calling me :) . I'm Thriving!

I absolutely love the visual concept and originality of Jhene Aiko's new version of "Never Call Me". I researched the song after I saw her video and the funeral was to mourn her ex ego and I had to put my spin on this and create and tell my truth. This was pure therapy based on my last relationS@#!. He's my truth in a visual way. I'm still playing with my green screen and effects bare with me lol. I'm growing .

Why you called me? It all could be so simple hehe. BASED ON A TRUE STORY.

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