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iHad a Dream: aScary Peaceful Experience.

So on MLK holiday of January 2012. I had a scary surreal dream. Just one month before, my mom and I had found my auntie dead in her room. This all happened right before Christmas, on my school break. When I got back to school everyone had a great Christmas break, when it came to me I was still in awe and numb from what I experienced.

So it took me 7 years to dedicated this video to my Aunt Boo, but this is not even the half of what I have to come concerning this death close to my heart.

The title of "iHad a Dream" in relations to MLK holiday, she came to me that night/morning while I was sleeping she came to me like a angel in reference in me getting closure from her death, and me asking her questions, I finally had my peace with her death. With all that coming in to HisStory repeating itself ,to ask even is anyone listening? Martin Luther King had a dream which he saw greatness for the greater good. So in reference I had a dream that did me good for my FUTURE.


Its amazing how this historical day could have such a semimetal value of my dreams are real and coming true and how they can stick with you forever.

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