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Full POEM from "The Elements: AiR"


The zeal infatuation of idolatry is a beautiful involvement of participation, practice, understanding and intimacy.

Air connects with all of the following elements. You might can't see it ,but you can feel it AND you know it's there or when its removed.

Air is a mental ideology that doesn't satisfy our physical needs ,but life challenges such as: losing someone you love[death or relationship], or relationship.

Air can be a good thing because it gives us the chance to breathe and sense of personal freedom, without it the other elements wouldn't be able to function. Is air the most important VALUED ELEMENT of them all?

Air's understanding is not fitting in your surroundings, but to stand and seep out. You ever noticed that air always escapes, It has its own ability and freedom to move where ever it wants.

I AM AIR!!!!

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