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The POWER of EDiTing: (Before and After PiCS)

Starting and learning from square one with visuals and how things can be pleasing to the eye, editing and filters the backgrounds can help YOUR VIEWERS love what you post. Using characters and pictures is all about representation on how you portray your message i.e.




From the example to the left is bland and shows no visuals or actions vs. the right which shows emotions and to go a step further I added a video (which you see when you first enter the website) or me explaining why and my channel is shutting to go further in depth with my viewers. Down below I have some pictures of me my pictures I uploaded to my social the before and afters to make the video come alive. Let me know if you want an upcoming video about this? You will enjoy it :) The Power of Editing speaks before you do. As far as my style has changed lately it makes a statement before I do that maybe I'm bold, creative, visual with the eyes and love color. If you look really closely in all these pictures my accessories are gold , which is my favorite color gold/yellow) so the picture/visual does speak more than words. So that's something I learned the hard way and I am working on building a active fan-base with more activity and interacting with YOU so much more.

Comment+TAG down below what is the dopest picture/ video you seen in your life?

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