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HUGE NEWS! Don't HATE ME! Explained.

So by the looks of it, you saw my final videos on YouTube temporarily. I've decided to shut down my channel for a temporary time to build up. THAT'S UNDERSTANDABLE RIGHT?!? Well I've been talking about doing this and that for my channel but don't have time to do the quality of videos I want to do based on working a full time job at the moment. So I believe 6 months is enough time to get the quality of videos I have in my head and what I've already written down. As you see in my video I have finally found my purpose of what I REALLY WANT TO DO based on my everyday experience at life, my relationships, work (having that negative vibe) and my "fantasy" land (which i need to have a name for soon).

Another reason I go to my magical land is because as of right now, I don't have the equipment, gear or materials I need to make those action movies set ups, and a whole lotta money to buy this and that at this very moment, but I can strategize and use my creative resources to make them come alive between REAL life and y own fantasy manipulation and persuasion. So I am teaching myself via YouTube, TV, Movies and everything that inspires me everyday. I know if I can see it in my mind I can put it on film. So I'm getting there. I also want to play around with different genres of art and creativity to see what I can do and use ALL of my gifts I was given.

I thought I had a reliable filmer, but that person is on their own agenda , but someone will come along or I will come up with a genius idea. I will still be active here on my website ... maybe some sneak peaks and how I created this videos teasers etc. Who knows? We've only just begun....

:::::Click Below to See Video::::

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