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I've Been Going THRU it ALL

Seems like the past couple of weeks that I have transitioned to this phase where I realized you don't have to accept anything that you DON'T WANT. When you are going thru trails and tribulations some people are interested in what you can do for them. So I decided I not going to allow that anymore. Which is GOOD!

You know what is super powerful though? Is when you have a piece of art that comes into fruition. I believe it is so powerful what you put out into this world. I filmed and uploaded this video to my YouTube Channel on February 26, 2017 and now March 26, 2017, exactly a month later I've been going through it all. Not only me but the people who I love have just been going through some situations that sometimes I empathize with them and sometimes carry them as my own as if where me. So as the situation progress the natural state of me wonder WHAT CAN I "Kiana" do to help or ease the situation SOMEWAY or SOMEHOW.

During that time period, dealing with strenuous amount of work, occasionally I feel like my body is failing. As I look at my circle around me how selfish would I be complaining about this little thing and my family's/friend's bodies around me are worst than me. So I stopped complaining and decided to get up and do something about it. So I changed my mindset.

A lesson I learned recently is your mind is the most powerful thing you have, fill it up with knowledge! We should know that we are not going to understand this world. We should have a understand of the Almighty Creator who said this world is not our home.

So yall let's change our mindsets, perspective, and actions to change our lives.

Be the light in the dark. Always remain to shine in any good or bad situation. #moonchild

-Kiana J

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