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African TRiBAL 20th Birthday Photoshoot

Every year it seems like a tradition to do the infamous photoshoot on my birthday. Each year it matures and comes with a different form of style.

*(scroll down)

look up beloved moon child


Since 2013 I have been using the same camera and learn how to work new angles and come up with different look for the portfolio of my look. I hope you enjoy and like these photos I use myself. If you would like a makeup tutorial and a get ready with me to photoshoot let me know and I will set out and film for it. Thank you guys for your patience and surprise!! I FINALLY GOT MY WEBSITE I was talking about for years. It's finally here right now.

inspired pix from pinterest

Above is the gorgeous woman Pinterest picture that inspired the makeup look for this photoshoot. Oh if you didn't know who did this photoshoot and edit it... ITS ME LOL ya girl Kiana J. Just in case you didn't know.

Special thanks to my Day 1's the one who held me down and still are rocking with me. Love yall!

-Kiana J

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